Senior Centers Management (Open Protection – KAPI)

KapiManagement is a comprehensive and effective application for Senior Centers Management. It’s an OnLine application which connects all the Senior Centers of a Municipality, so that a central data processing is possible.

The responsible social worker of the Senior Centers can register citizens’ applications, collect subscriptions money, manage various activities (excursions, events etc.), canteen coupons and register the Medical and Social History of the community members.

Access to KapiManagement occurs through Certified Users, through a strong security system with coding data exchange. Access rights are defined by administrators. Social workers can have access to the social history of each member and the physicians to the medical record, through special security. The incorporation of members’ record is also allowed. Any change in the system’s data is automatically recorded in a special file management (Log Files).

Emphasis has been given particularly to the checking algorithms provided by the application in order to help administrators entering data easy, fast and accurate.

Basic Features

  • KAPI Data Management
  • Social Workers’ Data Management
  • Nurses’ Data Management
  • Doctors’ Data management
  • Physiotherapists’ Data Management
  • Members’ Register
    • Medical History
    • Social History
    • Print Members’ Application for signature
  • Collections’ Receipts (for Members and for Social Workers)
  • Activity Management
  • Creative Activities Groups
  • Coupon Management
  • Volunteer Group Management
  • Prints
    • Members’ Register
    • Coupons’ Balance
    • Coupons’ Statements
    • Members’ Applications
    • Receipts
    • Activities

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